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  Quiet on the FUV Forum
Posted by: Rickb - 07-05-2018, 07:50 PM - Forum: General FUV Discussion - Replies (19)

It’s oddly quiet on the FUV Forum as well as all other Three Wheeler Forums.  We must be running out of steam or talked out while waiting patiently for formal invitations to configure our reservation #’s and taking delivery of our Arcimoto FUVs and EMV SOLOs.  Elio Forum members appear to be waiting patiently on delivery of Elio Marketing’s Eliocoin. Q4 2018-2019 should prove to be very good years for three wheeler fun!

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  Impatiently waiting
Posted by: RichW - 06-21-2018, 03:08 PM - Forum: Introduce Yourself - Replies (5)

Greetings all.  I just found this forum last week in one of my occasional searches for Arcimoto news.  I was intrigued to read the real-world experiences of "PAX" upon first delivery and hope to see more folks post their experience.  I hope to learn whether it has the range and reliability to really work for me.  My Jan 22 2016 $100 pre-order receipt begins with #1368- I suppose that means I'm 1368th in line.
Richard in Houston,TX

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  why isn't anybody asking about 2 huge moves in FUV stock?
Posted by: twisted - 06-20-2018, 09:19 PM - Forum: FUV Stock - Replies (5)

why isn't anybody asking about 2 recent huge moves in FUV stock?

up 24+% today, after
up 22% yesterday.

No news.  Several days after announcing completion of the "Signature" qty 10.

Seems like there SHOULD be news but we/I aren't hearing it.

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  Preorder #20 checking in!
Posted by: CharonPDX - 06-15-2018, 11:06 PM - Forum: Introduce Yourself - Replies (4)

Just discovered this forum, so figured with production coming soon, I should join and introduce myself!

Became an "Arcimoto Angel" forever ago when they had that program, (yes, even before Nathan Fillion shared it - that was just icing) and placed my deposit as soon as the page went live.

Invested in the IPO, and have bought even more shares since.

Been waiting…  "a while."  Looking forward to getting my spaceship soon!

I live in Oregon, but not in the same city as Arcimoto HQ.  (Should be a single vehicle charge to drive it home from the factory, though - I'll probably take a bus or train there when it's ready.) I made the decision in 2004 when we bought our Prius that it was going to be the last gasoline car I purchased. That poor Prius is still chugging along at over 180,000 miles, waiting for the Arcimoto to replace it.

Attached Files
.png   Arcimoto Preorder.png (Size: 16.08 KB / Downloads: 192)
.png   Arcimoto Wings.png (Size: 19.03 KB / Downloads: 191)
.png   Arcimoto Preorder 20.png (Size: 32.38 KB / Downloads: 191)
.png   Arcimoto IPO.png (Size: 33.3 KB / Downloads: 191)
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  FUV Owner Experiences
Posted by: Rickb - 06-13-2018, 02:54 PM - Forum: Delivered FUVs - Replies (32)

A thread started for early Owners to share their experiences after receiving delivery of their new FUVS.

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  Ampere is Building!
Posted by: DiscjockeyDale - 06-12-2018, 03:10 PM - Forum: Off Topic Discussion - Hot Topic - No Replies


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  FUV Gallery
Posted by: DiscjockeyDale - 06-12-2018, 10:30 AM - Forum: Photos and Videos - Replies (1)

Some images from the June 9th celebration at the AMP. Credits: Thomas Jackman, Kepesk, PAX, CreativeGuy and GodFollower

[Image: 34887493_10216698692765605_2437532448880...e=5BBB337B] [Image: P_20180609_152043_v_HDR_Auto.jpg] [Image: 34919418_10156510941184766_1340517378219...e=5BC14B9B] [Image: 34606709_10104371975712599_3761695008248...e=5BB5BE8E] [Image: 34845483_10216697076805207_9722455577476...e=5BB93DE1] [Image: 35102696_10104371898946439_4013862068728...e=5BB674F7] [Image: 35053856_10104371898956419_7646149029448...e=5BB19272] [Image: 34842533_10104371898966399_2246529373416...e=5BA7404A] [Image: 34888041_10104371899091149_4908527602144...e=5BC0A6E9] [Image: 34859965_10104371899106119_4182484894246...e=5BAD6C45] [Image: 35053646_10104371899126079_4059240081838...e=5BBF1D61] [Image: 35050953_10104371899275779_3462460900114...e=5BB74034] [Image: 34744335_10104371899270789_7134339457779...e=5BAC4347] [Image: 34829405_10104371899345639_7103415074773...e=5BB1FA37] [Image: 34810766_10104371899295739_6502099780519...e=5BA588D3] [Image: 34859371_10104371899465399_7473905378997...e=5B7915F4] [Image: 34962893_10156512624044766_2887011466580...e=5BB01EF8] [Image: P_20180609_163430_v_HDR_Auto.jpg] [Image: DfSr-7sUYAEL7bD.jpg:large] [Image: DfSrmTMVAAE6SRM.jpg] [Image: DfSUbuRVAAEDW7z.jpg] [Image: DfSNVqMU8AA_3_C.jpg] [Image: DfSKtM1UcAEedik.jpg] [Image: DfSF-6SVMAEuijy.jpg] [Image: P_20180609_160512_v_HDR_Auto.jpg] [Image: DfR48VuU8AE9Iq8.jpg] [Image: DfR3-x_VAAEHBTa.jpg] [Image: DfR3Bg1U8AA6uWu.jpg] [Image: DfR0nltVMAADXyJ.jpg] [Image: DfSQBJfVQAIfEBx.jpg] [Image: DfSJ6GxVAAIqx56.jpg] [Image: 34686261_10211134738033234_1497429524432...e=5BB469DF]  [Image: 34829445_10211129003569876_7091573102613...e=5BAD5FDB]  [Image: DfSF1C7VAAAdM_e.jpg] [Image: Liscense_plate.jpg] [Image: 34823322_10104371899111109_5606868690105...e=5B7795CD] [Image: image.jpg][attachment=317][attachment=318][attachment=319][attachment=320][attachment=321][attachment=322]

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  June 9th Gallery
Posted by: DiscjockeyDale - 06-12-2018, 10:27 AM - Forum: Photos and Videos - No Replies


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  updated motor in Signature Series
Posted by: GodFollower - 06-10-2018, 08:04 PM - Forum: FUV Powertrain - No Replies

Here is the motor info from motors in currently produced signature series.
[Image: IMG_20180609_142616.jpg]

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  Report From The Party
Posted by: DiscjockeyDale - 06-10-2018, 11:37 AM - Forum: In the News - No Replies

From Thomas Jackman on Facebook:

I talked to the Arcimoto marketing guy whose name I can’t remember who is in all the Arcimoto videos with Mark. As you might have guessed, he wasn’t all that forthcoming with most of what I asked him, but he did give me a few nuggets of info I didn’t know and perhaps you didn’t either.
Information about how ownership is going to work, including how you will get your FUV repaired if you don’t live in Oregon, is very very close (“a few wet signatures away”) to being finalized and then they will have announcements.
There is a secondary 12 volt battery for non-motor related functions. Amps unknown.
Cold weather testing hasn’t been done but is on the list of to dos. They intend to sell in all markets so it’s something they are thinking about.
I asked about whether the range was realistic and he kind of implied without saying it that their range estimates are perfect scenario estimates, like 55 mph on the freeway type scenario, which tells me that real life numbers will likely be lower. Not surprising.
Battery life is estimated to be 150-300k miles and their goal is for zero repairs needed during this time for all components. The FUV has so few moving parts I can’t imagine this will be all that hard.
The motor is an SME motor that is a hybrid permanent magnet + inductive motor that has “an amazing torque curve, which is basically a straight line of power.”
A lot of people had questions about doors and they just aren’t far enough along in the door development to answer them. They just now finished the door open and shut mechanism, which is the 3/4 door you see in the photo below. All other doors will bolt to this, and they are currently planning for a variety of materials, door sizes, windows.
Estimated ASP is $15k. While they didn’t say this I have a sneaky suspicion they plan on following Tesla’s example and selling the first batch as the long range + premium options only for awhile before they sell the base model for $11,900 to help them generate more revenue until they get the manufacturing line up to speed. That being said, the dude told me he plans on getting the base mode plus the extended range battery with no other options and that’s it.
They aren’t building retail models until 2019, although that’s only six months away so it is coming up really fast.
The rear hard shell trunk will hold two bags. That’s all he would give me.
They are currently working on a way to make the battery easy to swap / upgrade but they have nothing to announce on this right now.
Retail unit sold next year will use a Bluetooth connection to your phone as the key. Basically the same as the Tesla Model 3.
I had more questions but at that point he had to leave.
As for my personal impressions for sitting in a signature unit, I will just say that I found the seat to be very comfy and I noticed the UI screen is a massive improvement over the dinky one that was on the engineering test model I test drove a year ago. They weren’t doing test drives while I was there so I can’t speak to the ride quality unfortunately.
Hope you found something interesting here. I remain very excited about getting one next year!

[Image: 34606709_10104371975712599_3761695008248...e=5BB5BE8E]

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